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Frequently Asked Questions

How long would it take for carpet to dry?

There are a lot of contributing factors such as fibre type (Wool or synthetic), air temperature, ventilation and pile thickness.

Our extraction machine has a built in heater which constantly heats the water which not only delivers amazing results but also reduces drying time dramatically. The extractor is fitted with 2x 3 stage vacuums which has up to 95% water lift.

In warm conditions on average carpet drying time approximately 1-3 hours

Colder conditions can take around 3-6 hours.

Read more FAQs below.

Can you remove every stain from my upholstery/carpet?

There are some important factors to consider.

What fibre type is the carpet/Rug? (i.e. Wool/synthetic) – This is by far the most important factor. If your carpet is synthetic (Man made fibre) the chances of many stains to be removed are much higher because the fibre does not absorb as wool does. Wool is a natural fibre and within just minutes wool will absorb whatever is spilt on it. In cases like this its best to ring as and book an Emergency Call Out so we can attempt to deal with it whist its still wet.
How old is the stain? No Doubt there is more success when dealing with a stain straight away because once it dries it can become more complicated especially on wool carpets however not impossible. It may require the treatment and rinsing process to be repeated.
What is the stain from? (tea, coffee, makeup etc) We are fully loaded on MOST stain removal spotters and treatments including. tea/coffee, ink/marker, make up, wine, paint, slime, urine, curry, grease, polish, fizzy drinks, tar and soot, candle wax vomit, blood and many more!
Has someone had a go at removing already? In the case where the customer or another cleaning company have attempted to remove a stain. This makes the process more complicated for us. The treatment we use can sometimes not be as effective due to contaminations of other products that someone has used. In cases like this we would rinse the stain making it PH neutral and then begin treatment and may have to repeat the process multiple times.

What's the difference between your machinery and a self hire machine?

Below are some key differences in equipment and processes. As seen in the comparison table below there is a big difference in machinery first of all and what they can deliver.


A carpet cleaner hired from a supermarket compared to our Industrial equipment and processes.

  1. Self Hire – around 28 Psi pump power (Our Industrial machine – has an adjustable 500 psi Pump)
  2. Self Hire Machine Requires No training because it leaves out the most crucial processes for best results (We have attended various training courses and trained to tackle stains, learn about the chemistry of cleaning and certified)
  3. Self Hire – Solution tank 9.8L means more frequent refill (Our Industrial Machine has 50L)
  4. Self Hire – A real struggle to remove some stubborn stains such as dog urine, paint, ink, chewing gum, slime, etc. These sort of stains require specialist treatments and if not treated can cause more problems than solution.
  5. Self Hire – drying time can be days, yes days! (Our drying time can be as little as 1-3 Hours)
  6. Self Hire has No built in Heater (Our Hot Water Extractor has a built in 3000kw in line Heater) which means amazing results and faster drying time
  7. Self hire – Can sometimes cause more damage to a carpet/upholstery. A common problem caused by self hire machine is it can over wet, causing the underlay to become wet due to weak vacuum suction. This can not only cause the carpet to let off a damp odour but also take a long time to dry (The powerful vacuums on our extraction machines does not allow the water to travel below the root of the fibres which means the backing of the carpet and underlay is intact!
  8. Most important of all is the results! When comparing the results of Self Hire machine and our Cleaning Process you’ll be shocked at the difference in quality.
What method of cleaning best suits my flooring/ upholstery?

We will usually visit the premises or request images of the carpet/upholstery and identify the fibre type. If there are stains then we would arrange a visit and carry out a stain removal test so you can see the result to expect PRIOR to booking with us.

We will then give you the option or recommend the best method of cleaning (i.e. Hot Water Extraction, Dry Cleaning, or VLM (Low Moisture Cleaning)

Money Back Guarantee?

Our Money Back Guarantee is there to give a customer the piece of mind that our services do work and their money is well spent. We always ask the purpose of clean and try our very best to fulfil the needs of the customer. There are cases where the money back guarantee do not apply.

For example if a customers has purchased a new property and the carpet looks new but the customer wishes the carpet to be deep cleaned for their piece of mind. In cases like this the customer’s reason for cleaning is not for appearance of the carpet.

Another example if a carpet/upholstery has dust mites (Which cannot be seen by the naked eye) and customer wants a deep clean to reduce bacteria and dust mites.

If the customer is having cleaned because the carpet or upholstery is soiled and grubby then this is where the Money-back Guarantee applies. We would take before and after pictures in most cases of the areas to allow the customer to see the difference and also show the customer the water from the waste tank which will become evident that there was a benefit of them being cleaned.

Please Note: We always try our best to remove every stain however, the Money Back Guarantee does not mean we guarantee every stain will be removed.

Can you Clean or Restore every floor type?

We are fully equipped to Clean or Restore any indoor floor from Carpet, Stone, Wood, Concrete, Epoxy, Tile & Grout, Rubber, and Vinyl.

We do not clean driveways or any other outdoor floors unfortunately.

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We can clean and sanitise pet urine and vomit from your carpet, rug or upholstery.

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Carpet Cleaning

Whether you need a deep clean or a freshen up of your carpets or you’re looking to move into a new home, we tailor each job to your requirements.

Upholstery Cleaning

Is your sofa looking a bit grubby? If so we can bring them back to life with our advanced fabric cleaning methods.

Amtico/ LVT/ Vinyl Cleaning

These types of flooring do require a deep clean every so often. Especially when you notice the dark soil getting caught in the grooves of the floor.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

We understand how much dirty grout lines bugs people and we know how difficult it can be on your knees scrubbing. 

vinyl-flor-cleaners.jpg vinyl-flor-cleaning.jpg

We restored this vinyl floor for a school!

A vinyl floor for a school that hasn’t been stripped for over 20 years. We stripped down the old polish, then sealed it (adding a protective shield to the floor) before applying the customer’s choice of gloss polish.
The floor not only looks amazing but it’s anti-slip and very easy to maintain!

Professional-carpet-cleaning-in-High-Wycombe.jpg Professional-carpet-cleaning-in-High-Wycombe.jpg

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Replacing your house carpet can cost a small fortune and just because its grubby and has stains doesn’t mean its reached the end of their life. Just like clothing carpets and rugs should be washed regularly to keep yourself and your family safe from dust mites and other health hazards. Feel free to contact us for any Carpet cleaning services.
Sofa-cleaners-in-High-Wycombe.jpg Sofa-cleaning-in-High-Wycombe.jpg

Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas both fabric and leather tend to get grubby over time and require professional cleaning to remove built up soil and stains.

Stair-carpet-cleaners-in-High-Wycombe.jpg Stair-carpet-cleaning-in-High-Wycombe.jpg

Stair Carpet Cleaning

Replacing your house carpet can cost a small fortune and just because its grubby and has stains doesn’t mean its reached the end of their life.

Our Reviews

Sorry this is 5 months later than planned Imran, but wanted to leave you a review because you did such a great job cleaning our whole house prior to moving in. Imran took huge pride in the thoroughness of his cleaning and went above and beyond to get into every nook and cranny of our home, even cleaning inside the radiator covers, which frankly I would have forgotten about entirely. Imran was very friendly and great with communicating throughout. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough and will definitely use him again
Francesca Paulley
Francesca Paulley
Can't recommend Imran highly enough! He responded very quickly to our initial enquiry, provided a competitive quote, was punctual and provided excellent communication at all times. He did a wonderful and speedy job of cleaning our 18 month old carpets. They look brand new once again and smell wonderful. He even managed to not scare our very jumpy cat! I will be using Imran and Fantastiklean again very soon!
Helen Carmody
Helen Carmody
Just had our carpets cleaned by Fantastiklean after seeing their work on FB. They came on time, did way more than we asked for and left the place spotless. Friendly, cost effective and a really nice job. Highly recommended. Might double the life of the carpet :) Thank you.
Syed CoderGrammer
Syed CoderGrammer
I had an outstanding experience with Fantastiklean! Imran's work ethic and customer service were exceptional. The level of detail in the carpet cleaning was impressive, leaving my carpets looking and feeling brand new. I highly recommend Fantastiklean for their professionalism and Imran's dedicated service.
Hentley Ignatius
Hentley Ignatius
Very quick and efficient to get a quote. Needed a quick turnaround and they were able to accommodate. The actual clean was also very good, highly recommended.
Hamzah Azam
Hamzah Azam
Excellent service from Fantastiklean. They were efficient in removing a difficult stain from our carpet. I thought it wouldn’t be possible, however thanks to their brilliant work, the carpets look good as new! If you are looking for any similar services, I would definitely recommend Fantastiklean.
Siraj Badarudeen
Siraj Badarudeen
I spotted a Fantastiklean advert on Facebook and decided to message them. Imran called back promptly, asked for pictures of the very bad stain on my carpet, and came back quickly with a quote and a couple of available dates in the following week. He arrived punctually and set to work, carefully protecting other flooring as he did so. The results were amazingly good, with the staining completely removed and a deodoriser applied for good measure. It was a real pleasure to work with Imran, and he will certainly get our business again.
Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien
I was really happy with the carpet cleaning by Imran. Not only do the carpets look and smell great, he properly cleaned all of the edges of the carpets behind furniture where dust gathers. He was so thorough. He also advised me about the best way to keep my hallway carpet clean too. Highly recommended Fantastiklean! Thank you Imran!
Maria Ryan
Maria Ryan
Exceptional company that deserves to succeed. Attention to detail & expert knowledge - our carpets now look brand new, as if laid today. Imran, the owner/operative is really pleasant and helpful. A professional job very well done. Thoroughly recommend.
david black
david black
Professional cleaning with excellent results.Imran is very friendly ,arrived on time and job completed professionally. Highly recommended.
mirjana marjanovic
mirjana marjanovic

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